Christy Dena

Universe Creation 101
Director, Narrative Designer

Christy Dena is a maker, educator, and researcher who works at the fringes and sends back reports on the best paths. She has worked on Alternate Reality Games for Cisco and Nokia, and been commissioned to create installations and Apps for universities, arts organisations, and regional communities. She co-founded the international application-only lab for storytellers working in tech: Forward Slash Story. Christy was the Department Coordinator and Chair of Games at SAE Creative Media Institute, where she oversaw the games curriculum across Australia and Dubai. Christy has a PhD in Transmedia Entertainment, and is developing a workbook and design kit on why audiences move across media.


The Space Between Media: Traversal Design

Let's put all the platforms available to us aside, and leave all those storyworld tactics simmering for the moment. Now that all that noise is gone, what do we have left? The space between. What happens to audiences between media? Why do they decide to jump from a utility-based mindset searching on their tablet, to watching a TV series they love again, or playing a game they've never tried? Why? Why? Why? And what about us and why we do what we do? What role does our inner life as creators play in why audiences move across media? I'll give you a special report from my journey to the spaaaaaaaaaaaaace betweeeeeeeeeeen.


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