Nadine Spencer

Now We Collide
Senior Creative Producer/Director

Nadine Spencer is loud, lewd and livid with the state of the world’s use of plastic, she’s never one to not share her opinions… as for her work; Nads has over 9 years of TV under belt and has recently made the never-seamless transition from promos to advertising.

Now that her day job is lead producing television commercials around the world at Now We Collide, she relishes the time where she can put here feet up and curate the best of the best for World Gold.

If you hear Nads before you see her, which you probably will.. Be sure to say hi. She likes friends.



World Gold Baby.. It’s so good, it’s on twice!

This session will showcase creative genius, inspirational thinking and straight-up insanity that should supercharge your work for the next 12-months.


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